vintage-motoczysz-engine-500x350Welcome to the exciting world of Motor Bike tuning!.

At RGS Motorbikes we offer a huge variety and full range of tuning for your bike. Operating from our fully equipped workshop in Wellingborough we offer a variety of services to match your needs, whether you are using your bike for the road or the track or at any level of  racing we have a solution to make your bike the best it can be.

RGS Motorbikes will first establish what you are using your bike for, as obviously the average road user has very different needs than racers.

Road user, usually want to improve power delivery and just make the bike feel sharper, from the mass produced factory engines. We can move the power output lower down the rev range and or remap the bike, directly into the existing ECU or with an aftermarket ECU or Power Commander. . Most bikes come out of the factory developing their power from around 4,500rpm. This simple tuning method will give you consistent and controllable power from low revs all the way to the red line.

Track or race bikes need to balance budget against power output and engine longevity, this means for a caf