valve-clearanceRGS MOTORBIKES offer a full engine rebuilding and repair service.

Customers bringing their engines to us have many different requirements, but all receive the same high end, quality service.

You could simply have an issue with your road bike, this could be as simple as a misfire or loss of power to a fully blown engine. For these customers we will stripe down and check all components and tolerances, replace and or clean all parts before re-assembling. All engines are then ran checked and then tested in the dyno room.

Our race bikes are treated in the same way, however if it is new to us we will need to stripe down and create a blue print for that engine, before cleaning every part check and double check tolerances including crankshafts, bores and piston to head gaps. After re-assembling cams are dialled in then the engine is ran checked and then moves to our dyno room for setting and mapping.